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Chat Summary 228: What’s Your Relationship with Privacy

July 16, 2015

This week’s #hcsmca discussion focused on the hotly debated topic of privacy in the digital age as. Jodi Sperber set the stage with her blog post What’s your relationship with privacy? Um, it’s complicated.

This chat kick-started the 2015 #MedX flipped panel on the same topic. #MedX 2015 panelists Susannah Fox, Pamela Ressler, Jodi Sperber, Wendy Sue Swanson and Colleen Young are “flipping the panel” by sharing resources and starting the discussion early online.

Read this if you’re unfamiliar with flipped teaching.

Today’s #hcsmca participants supplied much fodder to reflect upon, resources to read and perspectives to bring to the #MedX stage and beyond.

Amy Snow (@ayms219) prepared this Storify summary of chat 228.

keyboard image of privacyRead the chat 228 transcript. Got something to add? Post a comment.

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