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I’m a community and social media conduit, patient advocate and plain language health writer who listens, connects, informs and constantly learns.

I write clear, easy-to-understand information for patients and caregivers. My love of distilling complex information into plain language led me to advocate for patient empowerment. Engaged patients leverage the Internet and social media; add and tap into the knowledge of the community collective; and are the driving force that will build confidence in participatory medicine.

Most people face a steep learning curve when thrown into a medical crisis. For some this signals action. They gather information, discuss options with their medical team and take control of their care. Others accept the “doctor knows best” environment of our current healthcare system and may be afraid to shift this paternalistic paradigm. As a health community manager, I strive to support and encourage people to become engaged patients and caregivers, and to recognize that they are valued members of their healthcare team.

More often than not, I learn from those I mentor.

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