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The Top 10 Best Ideas from the #hcsmca Symposium

March 8, 2016

Have you ever played musical chairs … with 170 adults? We sort of did at the #hcsmca Symposium. But with purpose. To end our brain busting day, we used the 25/10 liberating structure to sift out the 10 best and actionable ideas from the symposium.

On a recipe card, each attendee was asked to answer:

  1. What is the best idea you heard today?
  2. And what first step would you take to get started?

Then the music started. Everyone started passing around the cards. The object was to never have your own card in your hand and to ever only have one in your hand. Keep the moving. There were smiles and some laughter, but this was serious business.

Photos by Mike Savage //


Then the music stopped. Participants were asked to rate the idea and action on a scale of 1 (not for me) to 5 (great idea).


And the music started again. We did this 5 times, so that each card had the potential to have a high score of 25.

Here are the Symposium’s top 10 best ideas

1. Proceed until apprehended. Pick an idea that has been on the the back burner and just go for it on Monday


2. First step in any new initiative is to engage patients. Recruit a network of patient partners.


3. Emphasize respect over power. Focus on patient stories to create community engagement.




4. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good. Make it your new motto. Create a culture that allows mistakes and progress in lieu of perfection.


5. Social media has the power to change our healthcare system for the better. Try it and learn. Don’t be risk adverse. Believe.


6. Learn what patients want from social media and their perspective on privacy. Talk to patient groups for patients with chronic disease.


7. Encourage flexible leadership. If there is someone working with you and they are more of an expert, let them lead. Listen more to my peers and let them drive change.


8. Define and publicly display 5 measures related to patient perspectives of how healthcare providers/system communicate. Have focus groups with patients and providers to propose ideas and brainstorm possible metrics.


9. Make your social media strategy part of your organization’s business strategy. Audit your organization’s digital capability and develop/implement a forward thinking, integrated digital strategy.


10. Use videos for patient prep before office visits to answer basic questions. Find a physician willing test and measure time savings.

What was your best idea from the Symposium?

See all the Symposium photos by Mike Savage // on Flickr.

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