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National #hcsmca Symposium Blog Roundup

February 23, 2016

Here’s everything we’ve organized and written about the #hcsmca Symposium so far. Big thanks to the entire Planning Committee Marina Bastawrous, Toronto; Janelle Chung, Vancouver; Colin Hung, Toronto;  Isabel Jordan, Squamish BC; Lori Last, Vancouver; Leah Lockhart, Vancouver; Trish Paton, Edmonton; Pat Rich, Ottawa; Kevin Smith, Vancouver; Robyn Sussel, Vancouver; and Colleen Young, Toronto.

How to Unconference & the Challenges

Speakers and Program

panelists 2


 Why a National Symposium

Patients Included (Caregivers and Students too)

 Why Vancouver

Vancouver 2

Photo credit: Michelle Preston, BC Patient Safety Learning System


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