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Chat Summary 250: #RareDiseaseDay: Do stories change anything?

February 29, 2016

By Emma Rooney (@blumencasey)

Rare Disease Day

On February 3rd #hcsmca explored how stories can change things. We asked

  • T1. How do patient stories impact the rare disease community?
  • T2. How can we better value patient stories and respond to the insights shared?
  • T3. What benefits should patients look for from contributing their stories?
  • T4. What stories are missing from the rare disease community and how can we encourage different voices?

Here’s the Storify of our discussion.

Read the complete #hcsmca chat 250 transcript.

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  1. February 29, 2016 1:34 pm

    Thank you so much for all that you do! Such a wonderful group of individuals who come together on their own time to build awareness and industry efforts. Congrats on 5+ years together – #HCSMCA

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