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#hcsmca transcripts


Find the transcripts of past chats in the #hcsmca Transcripts Collection in Google Documents.

The content of this collection is searchable. Anyone with a Google Account will be able to search for keywords and the Google Docs search engine will display only transcripts that include those keywords. Once you open the document, the PDF viewer in Google Docs allows you to search for text within the document itself. The collection also includes both the new and old topic list. If you do not have a Google Account, you will still be able to view the collection, but sadly, Google disables the search functionality if you are not logged on.

However, if you want to search within the topic list itself (using a tag), you simply have to open the topic list and click “Control + F”then enter your search parameters and click find. The cell matching your search parameters will be highlighted, and from there, simply click the link to the transcript.

Current Topic List

Archived Topic Lists

  1. 2010-2011
  2. 2011-2012
  3. 2012-2013
  4. 2013-2014

Each Topic List contains:

  • Chat #
  • Date
  • Topics
  • Transcripts Link: direct link transcript (PDF) in Google documents
  • Tags
  • Resources: In every chat, members share various resources online, related to the topic. We added this column so that members can include those links next to each topic for future reference.
  • Moderator


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