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Does Social Media Influence Rx Habits and Choices?

August 31, 2015

September 2015, #hcsmca turns 5 year old. Hosting over 230 chats, we’ve covered a myriad of topics (#hcsmca archive). So many in fact, I often wonder if we are running out of things to discuss. Getting topic ideas from #hcsmca community members and visitors helps. #hcsmca members, people and organizations bring me ideas, we polish them, write a blog post and host the chat.

But what happens when there are no topics on deck? Well, this week I turned to #hcsm, the chat hosted by Dana Lewis since 2009. I’ve pulled a few themes from past #hcsm chat that bear revisiting. This week, we’ll talk about social media and medication and devices.

pills on computer keyboard

On Wednesday, Sept 2 at 1pm ET (time zone converter), let’s explore the influence social media may have on prescribing habits and patient treatment choices.

  • T1: Has increased info online & social media improved patient’s ability to ask or select cost effective therapies/devices? Why/not?
  • T2: Does social media have any impact on HCP’s prescription habits? For medication, devices, etc.? Why/not? Discuss.
  • T3: Do you think use of social media encourages off label use of drugs and devices? Is this bad? Why/not?

PS: Have you got a topic that we should talk about on #hcsmca? Tweet me @colleen_young.

See all the past topics and transcripts.

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