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#hcsmca Open Mic – July 8

July 8, 2015

Today on #hcsmca it’s open mic. No theme, no guest host. Simply ask your questions, share what you’re working on, make summer reading recommendations or discuss topics of interest in the news.

Here are a couple of newsworthy stories that were shared on #hcsmca this week that might get the conversation started.

Ontario is inviting people across the province to share their ideas on what skills, experience and personality traits they would like to see in the province’s first Patient Ombudsman.

CMA provides a guide to give physicians basic information about how to assess a mobile health application to decide whether to recommend it to a patient in the management of that patient’s health, health care, and health care information.

While at a conference in Switzerland Deb Maskens shared this slide why social media matters to patient organizations.

And @Sermo announces that its community is now open to Canadian #doctors, but doesn’t use the #hcsmca hashtag to spread the word. @lenstarnes brought the story to us and provided commentary.

Join #hcsmca today July 8 at 1pm ET (time zone converter) to discuss these and your stories and questions.

  • T1: What do you think about Ontario’s call for a Patient Ombudsman? Sermo MD community announcing it’s open to Cdn docs?
  • T2: Are you taking a social media break for your summer holidays?
  • T3: Any summer recommended reads?
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