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10 Tips for Unconference Facilitators

February 20, 2016

Developed with Pam Ressler (@pamressler)

  1. Give a brief outline with the purpose and timeline of the session.
  2. State ground rules, establishing your role as facilitator and that you may need to redirect the conversation to keep the session on target.
  3. Frame the topic both verbally and visually in design mode thinking: “How might we…?”
  4. Don’t try to be both facilitator and scribe. Elect a note taker.
  5. Gently but firmly acknowledge the opinion of people who tend to dominate and then ask others to weigh in.
  6. Directly invite quieter members of the group to share their thoughts. Ask an open-ended question.
  7. Leave enough time for wrap up.
  8. Invite the group to identify key takeaways.
  9. Summarize the group learning and identify key themes, ideas, action items.
  10. Have fun!

Also see this #hcsmca Symposium – Facilitator Quick Reference (PDF), adapted from unconference wisdom shared with me by Marlies van Dijk, RN, MSc. Thank you Marlies.

Read more about #hcsmca’s Symposium


Additional resources for Facilitators:

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