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Submit a Challenge: Make the #hcsmca Symposium Relevant to You

January 13, 2016

hcsmca-logoThe National #hcsmca Symposium on February 24 is an unconference about healthcare and digital communication. Unconferences are events run by participants. Attendees submit challenges, set the agenda for what’s discussed, lead the sessions and create an environment of innovation and productive discussion.

The #hcsmca Symposium will bring together more than 150 national thought leaders to explore how digital communications impact quality of care, support patient-provider co-design, contribute to research and knowledge translation, and lead to interdisciplinary decision-making. We will tackle specific issues submitted by attendees — and work together to put forward solutions.

Submit a Challenge

Session topics will be determined by challenges submitted by you. Sessions are the multidisciplinary discussion groups and workshops that make up the conference. Participants will discuss your challenge and help prepare an action plan. Have you got a:

  • Project you are working on and want to share and discuss next steps?
  • Issue or problem that you would like to move along or solve?
  • Topic you want to learn more about?

If yes, you should consider submitting a challenge

What makes a good challenge?

Your challenge should be relevant to healthcare and digital communication. Relevant topic areas identified by #hcsmca chat in August include:

  • Patients as partners
  • Privacy by design
  • Care Coordination
  • Better Communication
  • Virtual Care

A good challenge is specific enough to generate productive conversation and lead to an action plan while being universal enough to transfer to settings other than you own. Be creative. See the sample challenge below.

Submission and review process

All proposals are due February 5, 2016 by 8:59 pm Pacific time (11:59pm EST) and must be submitted through the online submission form. The #hcsmca planning committee will review the proposals and may suggest that those who propose closely related topics work together. Selected proposals will be posted online.

The #hcsmca community will be invited to review and submit feedback on their preferred proposals. Those proposals receiving the most feedback and expressions of interest will be given a slot in the symposium program.

What will happen with your challenge?

The top 10 challenges will be selected for the symposium. At the symposium, you will

  • Discuss the challenge in a small group (1 hour)
  • Develop an Action Plan (45 minutes)
  • Present to the whole group how you plan to move the ideas into action

Who can submit a challenge?

You must attend the symposium to submit a challenge. Register here.

Your commitment?

As a challenge submitter, you will be expected to

  • Lead the discussion
  • Give everyone in the group a chance to speak
  • Share session notes and action plan publicly via the #hcsmca blog after the symposium

We would also like you to report outcomes and outputs of your challenge after the symposium. This can be something simple like a blog post or video, or a full-fledged project with robust outcome measures.

Outputs that result from the symposium should acknowledge the members of your session and #hcsmca.

submit a Challenge button


Sample challenge

Title: How to evaluate social media smartly.

Description: Determine outcome metrics that can be used easily and consistently to demonstrate effectiveness of social media effort relative to the goals. How can we prove our social media engagement is making a difference?

Tags: social media, metrics, outcomes

Outcome: Produce a guide of meaningful metrics for healthcare organizations.

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