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#hcsmca to Host a National Symposium – Come with us to #QF16

August 25, 2015

Mark your calendar! On February 24, 2016 #hcsmca will host its first National Symposium in Vancouver. At this all-day event we’ll go beyond the Twitter conversations. We’ll tackle specific issues, as determined by the #hcsmca community, and work together to put forward tangible solutions.

The #hcsmca National Symposium is part of the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council’s 5th annual Quality Forum (#QF16), which takes place February 25 & 26. Over 900 people will attend the Quality Forum this year. So this is your chance to showcase your work at the Quality Forum and on Feb 24th advance healthcare solutions at the #hcsmca pre-forum Symposium.

#hcsmca and QF16

Submit an Abstract to the Quality Forum

If you are interested in attending the Symposium, we encourage you to submit a presentation abstract for the #QF16 by September 9.

You can submit as many abstracts as you like, and each abstract is limited to 300 words. Deliver a rapid fire presentation and/or display a storyboard on any topic related to providing better care for patients. To provide more opportunities to spread improvement initiatives that are just starting to break ground, you can submit abstracts into one of two categories: Seeds and sprouts.


Seeds are ideas that have just been planted. They are promising practices and emerging ways of ‘how to improve care’ that are too young to have results. The Forum is your opportunity to seek input, inspire collaboration and motivate action at an early stage.


Your initiative is a sprout if it is underway or complete with results, “how-to” tips and lessons that you can share with Forum participants. Your initiative does not have to be considered a success; failures provide valuable learning opportunities, too!

Learn more about the event at

#hcsmca Solutions Symposium

For this week’s #hcsmca chat on August 26 at 9pm ET (time zone converter), let’s get the ball rolling on ideas for the #hcsmca Symposium.

  • T1: If you had a magic wand, what issue would you like solved in health care through the social web and digital technologies?

  • T2: What would be the worst possible characteristics of a national #hcsmca symposium and lead to its failure? Have fun with this.

  • T3: What essential ingredient would make you really want to attend a national #hcsmca symposium?

PS: Scholarships and Sponsorships

We would like to provide travel and accommodation scholarships. So we need sponsors. Please ask around and/or spread the word!

  • Platinum Sponsor $2,500
  • Gold Sponsor $2,000
  • Silver Sponsor $1,500
  • Bronze Sponsor $1,000

Apply online or contact Colleen Young to find out more.

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  1. August 26, 2015 6:44 pm

    I’m not sure if I can make it the chat tonight, and I do have some thoughts…
    T1: I think the social web/digital technologies have great potential to help patients co-ordinate care. Especially where it is complex – to be in charge of sharing info w/ their HC team beyond just their doctors. As a parent of a patient this team is huge. Our circle of care includes multiplecdoctors, nurse practitioners, OTs, PTs, pediatric dentist, social worker, education specialist. Information flow and co-ordination is a monumental problem in my life.

    T2: What happen if you throw a party and no-one show? Joking aside, the richest conversations come from a diversity of backgrounds. How can we bring new voices together? I think face to face meetings with people you only knew online would be amazing. I think hearing stories from perspectives you didn’t know is key. The worst possible characteristic is seeing people you already knew and no-one else.

    T3: As a parent of a patient and a patient advocate what really makes me want to participate is knowing that the symposium is #PatientsIncluded. I think it has great potential to achieve the clauses of the charter and I’d love to see it (and the Quality Forum in general) be the first Canadian conferences achieve accreditation. More info at

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