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Discovering and welcoming #hcsmca lurkers

April 21, 2015

It makes me proud when people say, “You’re Colleen Young. I know you. You’re the one who runs the #hcsmca chat.” Well, actually they rarely manage to say h-c-s-m-c-a because it is quite a tongue twister. Most of us have seldom said it out loud. But I bet you can type it really quickly.

During these conversations, I discover that #hcsmca chats are often used for social media training at health organizations or that the #hcsmca blog and chat transcripts are people’s weekly reading material. I also find out that these people remain “lurkers”.

“In Internet culture, a lurker is typically a member of an online community who observes, but does not actively participate.” – Wikipedia

Lurkers are bonafide members of an online community, and as the examples above demonstrate, they often serve as ambassadors to the community.

scrolling on a smart phone

Photo credit: uditha wickramanayaka (Flickr)

Did you know there’s a Twitter chat devoted to the topic of lurkers? #Lurkerchat, founded by 2 fellow Canadians @boydjane @NickKellet, happens on Tuesdays at 10am Pacific time. Read these chat summaries #LurkerChat Learnings and 7 Learnings About Lurkers and let’s use this week’s #hcsmca to build on these learnings.

On Wednesday, April 22 at 1pm ET (time zone converter) we’ll talk about lurkers in general, discover #hcsmca lurkers and and recent de-lurkers. Above all, let’s say hello and welcome them.

  • T1: What is a lurker? What are the benefits of lurking?
  • T2: When and how can lurkers be encouraged to participate and why?
  • T3a: Who are our #hcsmca lurkers?
  • T3b: When & where have you met an #hcsmca lurker?

Read the April 22, 2015 #hcsmca transcript.

Image via Flickr CC.

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