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Innovation: The Prescription for Healthcare

March 26, 2015

By Sarah Downey, Chief Executive Officer (@SarahEDowney1) of Toronto East General Hospital (@EastGeneral)

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How do ideas in healthcare take shape? How does one idea become a best practice? How do ideas stick?  How do we as a system make healthcare better for patients? How do we learn from mistakes?

#hcsmca April1 chatIn the spirit of collaboration and partnership, on Wednesday, April 1, 2015, Sarah Downey (@SarahEDowney1), CEO of Toronto East General Hospital, will moderate an #hcsmca tweet chat with CEOs and other executive team members from the Joint Centres for Transformative Healthcare Innovation on promoting innovation in healthcare. In its second year, the Joint Centres is a partnership between six large community hospitals with a goal of sharing innovations focused on improving quality and value in healthcare. The six partner hospitals and CEOs that will be participating in #hcsmca include:

During this hour we will discuss how ideas take form, how we can attempt to learn from failure and the importance of sharing of best practices between organizations. Please join us as we discuss the importance of creating a culture of innovation, one where not only best practices are celebrated, but also failures are recognized and learned from. All welcome.

Topics for #hcsmca April 1, 2015 at 1pm ET (time zone converter).

How is Innovation Born? The Creative Process of Innovation

  • T1a: In what areas of healthcare would you like to see more innovation happen?
  • T1b: How can we make innovation a part of our daily way of thinking?
  • T1c: Does social media have a role in helping organizations and HCPs be more innovative? How?

Learning from Mistakes: Creating a Culture Where It’s Okay to Fail

  • T2a: What does a culture of failure look like to you?
  • T2b: When should we treat failures in healthcare as opportunities for learning instead of performance management?
  • T2c: Should healthcare organizations be more public about their failures through social media? What are the implications?

The Importance of Sharing Ideas between Organizations

  • T3a: What is better for healthcare: Open sharing of ideas between organizations or developing ideas behind closed doors? Why?
  • T3b: Imagine a world where all providers & patients share ideas via social media. What would this look like?
  • T3c: What great work is being done in your organization that you wish could be spread to others in healthcare?
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