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Think Differently: #hcsmca Ideas Swap

January 14, 2015

By Carmine Stumpo, VP Programs; Wolf Klassen, VP Program Support; Irene Andress, Chief Nurse Executive; Sharon Navarro, Corporate Communications @EastGeneral

East General Moderating Team

It is a new year and many healthcare institutions are in the midst of planning and re-evaluating what worked and what didn’t as budgets, quality improvement plans and organizational priorities are set for the upcoming fiscal year. We, at Toronto East General, see this as a time to refresh and rethink how we improve processes and ultimately, patient care. And we want to be social about it.

One of the benefits of social media is the ability to problem-solve and share ideas quickly and easily. As author Mark W. Schaefer (@markwschaefer) writes, “Content is the currency of the social web, and sharing that content is the catalyst to new relationships and business benefits.

For the January 21st #hcsmca tweetchat, we would like to harness the power of the social community for expertise and discussion in the areas most of us seek to improve. We will attack three of the most common issues – what we call The Big Three. Each of the three topics will be moderated by East General’s resident expert.

  1. Improving the Patient Experience & Satisfaction – Moderated by @Stumpo_Carmine
  2. Improving ER Wait times – Moderated by @IreneAndress
  3. How to make Healthcare more Equitable – Moderated by @WolfKlassen

We invite the #hcsmca community on January 21 at 1pm ET to Think Differently and participate in a rapid online “idea swap.”  Let’s share ideas on how we, collectively and individually, can do better to improve care for patients and families in 2015.

T1 Improving the Patient Experience

  • T1a – What makes for a great patient experience?
  • T1b – What is the role of social media in improving the patient experience?
  • T1c – How would you improve patients’ experiences?

T2 Improving ER Wait Times

  • T2a – Let’s re-imagine the ER. Ask your “what-if” question related to the ER. (Example: What if patients could remotely consult with an ER triage nurse? What if every patient had a family doctor? What if patients were met by a doctor at the front door of the ER?)
  • T2b – Can social media help improve issues related to the ER?
  • T2c – What can hospitals do to make the experience in the ER better?

T3 How to Make Healthcare more Equitable

  • T3a – What does “health equity” mean to you?
  • T3b – How can social media be used to increase access to care?
  • T3c – What barriers exist for minority communities such as the LGBTQ in accessing care?

Read the Jan 21-15 #hcsmca transcript .

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