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Two Highlights of 2014 that Recalibrated my World

December 20, 2014

Throughout the year I’ve met people online and offline who calibrate by thinking, push me further and encourage me to strive for more. They are too numerous to mention, but I would like to highlight 2 events that will forge re-calibrated directions for me in 2015 and beyond.

Stanford Medicine X

Sharing the stage with @PamRessler @SusannahFox @MeredithGould  at Stanford Medicine X in September was certainly a highlight of 2014 for me. Correction! Actually preparing to share the stage was the part that inspired recalibration. Flipping the panel is definitely a practice that I will repeat for my presentations in 2015. Gathering thoughts from your network not only helps you take a litmus test of what your audience already knows and what they want to learn, it also illuminates why they want to hear it from you.

#hcsmca Future Planning

It would be easy to presume that a community leader leads a community. But if your community’s foundation is built on shared ownership then, well, sometimes you get shown where you need to lead. Thanks to Pat Rich (@cmaer), who poked the #hcsmca community, we now proudly boast a new Vision and Mission.

It’s not easy to wrangle consensus virtually, but Shirley Williams (@williampearl) did it to get us this far. Now she working with a core team and the community to build a road map for more #hcsmca social collaboration in 2015. Exciting times ahead.

Our Vision

To drive social collaboration for better health and health care.

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  1. December 21, 2014 2:16 am

    Medicine X and meeting you, Meredith, Suzanna, and Pam was definitely a highlight for me too :-)

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