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Social media evolution: Moving from individual to organizational goals

October 7, 2014

By Robert Fraser, RN (@RDJfraser)

Rob Fraser, RN

Social media has made the proverbial leap from a mythical sea creature to flip-flopping on land. Years ago the consumerization of technology and connectivity created a web of possibilities and many services have evolved from it since. It has been great to see the growth of services and rapidly increasing adoption by all involved in healthcare (patients, care providers, administrators, researchers, etc.), yet it seems time to take it to the next level.



Initial adoption largely happened by convincing individuals to start to use specific services and/or tools for their own reasons whether personal or professional. Now that a growing number of users know about both the possibilities of social media and the goals of healthcare organizations, how do we evolve further? The number of online networks and communities based on interests or shared connections continues to grow. But the question I ask is:

How do we take our individual understanding of social media’s applications and translate them into strategic initiatives for our organizations and communities we live, volunteer or work in?

To answer this I want to host a discussion about how hospital and health-related organizations can use social media as a vehicle or catalyst to achieving their current mission and goals.

Consider your organization’s or team’s current mission or goals and what is measured and reported on publicly and internally. As a member of the public, consider the information about your hospital’s, family practitioners, other health organization that you would like to know about and see reports on. Keeping these in mind, let’s explore some of the following topics:

  • How does your organization develop and disseminate strategic initiatives?
  • What media does your hospital create or publish (research articles, videos, pamphlets, paper newsletters, etc)?
  • How could social media be applied to better achieve your healthcare organizations goals?
  • Do you know of any initiatives or projects should be as gold standards for organizational use of social media?
  • What organizational uses of social media should be avoided or dropped?

Join me (@RDJfraser), Wednesday (Oct 8th) at 1:00 pm ET. We’ll be using the hashtag #hcsmca to discuss and share ideas about how organizations can integrate social media into their strategic planning and initiatives.

What: #hcsmca chat on Twitter

When: Wed 8/10/2014 – 10a PT / 1p ET

Host: Rob Fraser

If you are new to Tweetchats, you do not need a Twitter account to follow along. Try using the search function on Twitter. If you do have a Twitter account, we recommend using or, for ease of following.

We will be posting the transcript and analytics here after the chat takes place. Chat Transcript and Chat Analytics courtesy of @Symplur

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