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Are your videos social?

November 12, 2013

Alaina Cyr starting cooking up this week’s chat topic While reading Effectiveness of the Use of Social Media: A Report for Peel Public Health by Schein R, Wilson K and Keelan K and Use of Twitter Among Local Health Departments: An Analysis of Information Sharing, Engagement, and Action by Neiger B, Thackeray R, Burton S, Thackeray C, Reese J.

By Alaina Cyr (@AlainaBCyr)

picture of guest blogger Alaina Cyr

When organizations talk about their social media presence, YouTube is often lumped in with Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and perhaps other social media. Yet the way many organizations use the video sharing sites is fundamentally different from their other social platforms. The YouTube pages of most organizations are used for broadcasting messages and are not social.

True, the user-generated nature of video sharing sites technically qualifies the platforms as “social media”, much the same way Wikipedia qualifies. But unlike Wikipedia, YouTube has built-in features that allow users to comment or submit a video response. How many organizations take advantage of these social features?

“YouTube, for instance, can be used simply as a broadcast medium for propagating a movie trailer or public service ad. It is only when other users begin to link to, remix, repurpose, and discuss posted content that YouTube’s character as a social media platform comes fully into view.” – Literature Review on Effectiveness of the Use of Social media: A Report for Peel Public Health 

On #hcsmca we often talk about how social media can be used to drive conversations and learn from each other. Most of us share the underlying philosophy that “social” means multi-directional conversation. How can we better apply that philosophy to video sharing sites? Where do we direct those conversations? On the video sharing sites or on other social platforms?

Let’s talk about it on Wednesday, November 13 at 1pm ET.

  • T1: Do/should we optimize social conversation on video sharing sites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)?
  • T2: Where do people want to comment/discuss video content?
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