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Deeper Dive into Building Online Communities that Thrive

May 16, 2013

headshot of Colleen YoungWant to hear more about building and sustaining online communities? On Tuesday, May 21, I’ll be an hour long tutorial on community management and its importance to the success of an online community. Join me  for the Third Tuesday event (registration). Here’s the event description:

Thanks to the social web, people from around the world come together to share information and support. We build networks and join communities online when we need help or advice.

Colleen Young, founder of Health Care Social Media Canada (@hcsmca & #hcsmca) and online community manager of Canadian Virtual Hospice, witnesses this phenomenon in health every day. Patients, caregivers, family, friends, and other supporters are increasingly taking part in online health communities to share information and find support.

Patients know things — about themselves, about each other, about treatments — and they want to share what they know to help other people. But web 2.0 technology alone does not make community. To build and sustain a community, you need a connector and enabler. You need strategic community management that works.

At the May 21 Third Tuesday Toronto #3TYYZ, Colleen will share insights, stories and lessons learned from her experience managing a variety of online health communities, including:

She’ll talk about best practices in starting and growing an online community and demonstrate the importance of community management, data collection, content creation, collaboration, and other proven techniques that ensure the survival and steady growth of a thriving online community.

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  1. May 17, 2013 9:05 am

    This is such a great topic to discuss, available to public moreover. Bravo. Living in Quebec prov. I would be happy to read a resume of what wille be share, if possible.
    Have a great day on May 21 !


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