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Guest Moderator Series: Social media on hot summer days

September 5, 2012

Different people contribute in different ways to the #hcsmca community. Guest moderating is one option. I find it particularly enriching when moderators share their thoughts post chat. Here’s Andrea Zeelie‘s take. 

By Andrea Zeelie, @HC_Link,  @andreabodkin

Given the nature of my social media use this summer, I was thrilled to learn which topics emerged from the #hcsmca community for August 22nd’s chat. I, under the cloak of @HC_Link, was moderating the first chat post summer break. Topic one asked:

T1: “Did you take a holiday from social media this summer? Discuss maintaining life balance in the always-on nature of social media.”

I noticed that since the beginning of summer (counting from those really warm days this spring!) my own personal Twitter account, @azeelie, came to a screeching halt. I still spent time online, but I was less apt to share my activities with others. It’s hard to say if it was an intentional break from the constant-engagement that social media often demands, or if I was just so happy in the sunshine even though personal devices now allow us to spend time outside AND stay connected.

However, this summer, I’ve noticed the Twitter feed of work account @HC_Link has also been quiet. I took a week’s vacation and wanted to be sure that our account wouldn’t be too silent in my absence. I turned to the vast interwebs to learn more about scheduling posts. Enter topic 2:

T2: @samanthajung asked “How do you find good social media advice? How do you weed out the bad?”

I use scheduled tweets on those busy days of back-to-back meetings, or to ensure announcements of our activities are appropriately spaced out. In these events, scheduled tweets are peppered into my regular live tweets. And although I feel like people are generally more forgiving during those warm carefree summer months, I wanted to investigate my options anyway. My initial reaction was to consider what some of the more active members of the #hcsmca chat would do if in my position. In the chat, others agreed. Read more in the transcript.

Fortunately for my situation, co-worker @andreabodkin swooped in and kindly offered to take over the account in my absence. I set up a few scheduled posts as a backup (just in case she had a number of those busy days).

On this last long weekend of summer, I disconnected from the online social world. I abandoned my smart phone and laptop, and soaked up sun and the company of loved ones.

Is disconnecting important to you? If so, when holidays, weekends, evenings?

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