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#HCSMCA meetup was a hit!

November 7, 2011

After the November 3, 2001 #hcsmca pan-Canadian meetup, I invited participants to submit blog posts of their impressions of the event. Here is our first submission from the Toronto meetup on November 3rd from Zoë Siskos, Communications Coordinator @SmokersHelpline at the Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division. Thanks Zoë!

By Zoë Siskos
I’m a newbie to the #hcsmca group so when a meetup was announced I jumped at the chance to take part. I’m really big on using social media in all aspects of my life but I am still a believer that strong relationships are built in real life (or IRL, as we say online ;).  If we could have one Tweet to sum up the night, I think this would be it:

While there were plenty of laughs going round at the event, we dedicated time to discussions about health care and social media. (It is what brought us all together in the first place!) We broke out into groups based on topics submitted by the courageous people in the crowd. In no time, each table was immersed in a stimulating conversation that I’m sure could have lasted into the wee hours of the morning (and could fill more than just this blog post). From the presentations I pulled a few key points:

  1. The number of people using mobile or online tools as a means of accessing information is growing at a significant rate. This only reinforces the need of developing tools for the exchange of information between health care providers and patients (i.e. Drimpy)
  2. Social media, specifically, is a great tool for education and for connecting with patients. Even more so is the growing need of peer-to-peer support. We need to ensure we are facilitating these conversations and engaging in them.
  3. Marginalized groups should not be discounted from users of technology. The idea of ‘leapfrogging‘ was an interesting one – a situation in which these groups or communities don’t follow the normal adaptation of technology (a slow rise) but rather ‘skip’ the in-between and move to more advanced stages of growth.
  4. Collaboration between partners is key to the sustainability of programs and the dissemination of knowledge (but it’s good to have a ‘mother-hen’ like Colleen to bring us all together).

These points are certainly not an exhaustive list (mainly what my memory retained). What messages from the event resonated most with you?

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  1. November 8, 2011 8:22 am

    sounds like a successful meeting of many different points of view. So pleased that you all got to meet face to face and share so much. Congrats on the event!


  2. November 9, 2011 2:14 pm

    Thanks Colleen for arranging the tweet up! It was such a coincidence that I was in Toronto when the meeting happened. Nice to put live faces and energy to the people behind the tweets!


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