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Introducing Rob Halkes

October 18, 2011

Rob Halkes (@Rohal) from the #hcsmeu will be joining us at the #hcsmca Toronto meetup on November 3, 2011. He’s got some thought-provoking ideas for possible discussion topics. Let crowdsource to refine them.

You don’t know Rob? Well, allow me to let him introduce himself.


Hi there,

May I present myself: I’m Rob Halkes. You may know me by my Twitter name @Rohal.

This is my call for your themes and issues to discuss at the next #hcsmca meetup in Toronto on November 3rd. Colleen Young was so nice as to invite me to the meetup of #hcsmca in Toronto and I am very pleased to meet all the people there that are busy with health care and social media!

It is interesting that Canada is, along with Australia, one of the countries being first to use Telecare due to their need to bridge the geographical distances between the healthcare professional and the patient. I remember the early “tele – phone” care! I also noticed the McGill Telehealth Conference 2009 and the Telehealth Report May 2011. Maybe you’ll let me show as an internet facility to participatory care!

  • Is having a healthcare platform the same as Telecare?
  • Is Telehealth the same as participatory care?
  • What are the differences?
  • Are these issues comparable between Canada and Europe, or [are they] specific to the Netherlands?
  • Do we see more collaboration or even partnership of healthcare players in Canada?

These are all questions that concern me, as I am departing in my thinking of “care for health” from a patient-centred position. It means looking at integrating perspectives between medical orientations, patient orientations and organisational orientations to health care.

So I hope my questions will inspire you to name your issues of interests for the meetup on November 3rd to share and discuss. See you in Toronto!

Let Rob know what you would like to talk about on November 3.

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