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The New & Improved #hcsmca Archives

September 28, 2011

Yaser Alyounes is a health informatics specialist and #hcsmca enthusiast. I was delighted when he offered to help transform the #hcsmca topic list into a useful tool capturing the history of #hcsmca chats and the wealth of sharing that goes on every week.

By Yaser Alyounes (@YaserAlyounes)

First I would like to start by congratulating Colleen and the entire #hcsmca community on a wonderful year of vibrant and brilliant engagement. I cannot begin to describe how inspiring connecting and communicating with each and every member has been. To show my gratitude for #hcsmca, I volunteered to assist Colleen in restructuring the archives and transcripts list of #hcsmca. So what did we do exactly?

The Topic List:

We added a few columns to the Topic List:

  • Chat #: This is a quick way of identifying how many chats we’ve had so far and it is a simple way to reference each chat.
  • Transcripts Link: Next to each chat, we added a link to a PDF document of the transcript of the chat. This will make it easier for members to browse to the transcripts directly from the topic list.
  • Tags: These are keywords representing the topics discussed through using different synonyms. If new or existing members wanted to search for a specific topic, all they have to do is enter any of these tags and they will be able to see where and when those keywords were used (more on the search functionality below)
  • Resources: In every chat, members share various resources online, related to the topic. We added this column so that members can include those links next to each topic for future reference.
  • Moderator: As several #hcsmca chats have been moderated by guest members, we added a column that will include the Twitter Handle of the guest moderator.

 New Topic List:

As it’s been a year, we thought that archiving the topic list of last year was in order and we created a new Topic List.

The Archive:

Using Google Documents, Colleen added the transcripts of all the past chats (in PDF form) into an #hcsmca Transcripts Collection. Each document title contains the Chat # and the Date.

The best part – the content of this collection is searchable. Anyone with a Google Account will be able to search for keywords and the Google Docs search engine will display only transcripts that include those keywords. Once you open the document, the PDF viewer in Google Docs allows you to search for text within the document itself. The collection also includes both the new and old topic list. If you do not have a Google Account, you will still be able to view the collection, but sadly, Google disables the search functionality if you are not logged on.

However, if you want to search within the topic list itself (using a tag), you simply have to open the topic list and click “Control + F” then enter your search parameters and click find. The cell matching your search parameters will be highlighted, and from there, simply click the link to the transcript.

Let us know what you think!

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