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Happy Birthday #hcsmca: A testimonial

September 21, 2011
Sara Hamil, Director of Social Media and Communications for Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine shares her #hcsmca story and helps us mark our first-year anniversary. Thanks Sara!

By Sara Hamil (@QuintePediatric)

Just before I came on board at Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, I began immersing myself in the exciting, evolving story of social media in the world of health care. Of course, when I say “immersing” I actually mean “lurking during a Twitter chat on the subject”, but that’s beside the point. That Twitter chat was #hcsmca, an engaging weekly dialogue that is about to celebrate its first anniversary next week!

Geared at making health care more open and connected, #hcsmca is a community where participants are invited and encouraged to share and discuss their ideas as they pertain to the field of health in Canada. One of the things I love the most about the community is the variety of people that come to the digital table each week. It feels as though all the bases are covered when we get chatting: patients, advocates, caregivers and educators liaise with doctors, nurses and researchers. From parents to politicians, hospital reps and social media communicators, we’re all there and get to have our unique say on a wide variety of thought-provoking topics.

I’ve long since graduated from being a silent lurker to a full-fledged participant in the #hcsmca community. The dialogue and varied perspectives have been invaluable in inspiring thought, creativity and direction for all of us here at Quinte Pediatrics. Being able to connect with so many highly creative people has made sitting down in front of Tweetchat every Wednesday the highlight of my week.

It’s amazing to think that this community has only been around for a year. Even after all of this time, it is my go-to network when I have questions, ideas, or if I just want to chat. It’s thrilling to see the way it continues to grow and thrive. Far from being exclusive, I’m finding more and more new voices joining in each week, including (much to my delight) some of Quinte Pediatrics own patient families who are jumping in to add their voices to the conversation via social media.

Of all the innovative topics we’ve tossed around on Wednesdays, I think one of the best examples of how social media can change and enhance the world of healthcare is #hcsmca itself. The connections and the ideas are all there, and it’s already helping to make great things happen. So happy birthday #hcsmca! I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

Ready to join the #hcsmca community? What are you waiting for! Join us every Wednesday at 1 p.m. EST, and be sure to take part in the special anniversary edition next week on the 28th! Chat with you soon!

Share your #hcsmca story.

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