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Topics for #hcsmca October 27, 2010

October 25, 2010

The following questions were submitted to the topic list by members of the #hcsmca community.

Topics for #hcsmca October 27th are:

  • T1 @CareToKnowORG asks: How do you balance a healthcare organization’s community network & experience where corporate branding ties to funding & positioning of content? What should the relationship be between a health care “corporate site” and “sm/community site”? How does corporate branding help or hinder a sm/community site… and how much is too much?
  • T2 @mkarina asks: How is social media applicable or relevant to continuing medical education? Curious to see how we can use social media within the education area.
  • T3 @annfuller asks: How can social media be used to help patients & families dealing with mental health issues? What are the risks, and how can they be mitigated? Who is already using it for mental health and what have been the impacts? Considerations for health education versus clinical support.

Looking forward to a great discussion on Wednesday at 1 pm EST (2 pm AST, noon CST, 11 am MST, 10 am PST)

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