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Topics for #hcsmca October 6, 2010

October 5, 2010

The following questions were submitted to the topic list by members of the #hcsmca community.

Topics for #hcsmca October 6th are:

  • T1: @ujjaldosanjh asks How can social media help caregivers find good/solid advice when they need it most?

In the notes @ujjaldosanjh adds: I’ve heard repeatedly from caregivers that they have a hard time finding help during the most stressful times. The Liberal Party just put forward a plan to assist caregivers. See details and (pdf).

  • T2: @mikenstn asks: How do you define social media when pitching it to your organization?
  • T3: @ability4life asks: Would you like to see Canadian doctors using social media and how? And docs, why/how do you use sm?

In the notes @abilty4life adds: What personal experiences have you had with doctor(s) and social media?

You may also want to listen to the podcast of @WCBADoctorBrian‘s White Coat Black Art show on health care and social media.

See you Wednesday at 1 pm EST (2 pm AST, noon CST, 11 am MST, 10 am PST)

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  1. October 5, 2010 11:37 pm

    What a statement about the force of sm.. and more importantly, the force of our fearless leader (and I’m not talking about former Minister of Health – and current Liberal critic, using #hcsmca as a forum) I’m talking about Ms. #hcsmca herself. Wow indeed, Colleen! F’n eh!

    Having read Ujjal Dosanjh’s PDF, I welcome the opportunity of this tweetup for a reality check. I’m working on editing my points of discussion to 140 characters.

    Colleen: be interesting to see if it warrants longer than 20-minute T1. (I’m prepared to revisit expectations for getting to T3…. the question I put forward ;)


    • October 6, 2010 8:13 am

      Thank you for your comments Kathy.

      While I will take credit for having set the stage and initiating #hcsmca, it was the animated community discussion of more than 72 members last week that set the hashtag trending in most cities across Canada. The “force of social media” indeed.

      We’ll see how today’s discussion unfolds. I would dearly like to get to topic 3 as it is especially current after the airing of Dr. Goldman’s show on doctors and social media as well as the fantastic success of #MDchat yesterday. Here’s the transcript and commentary:



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