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#hcsm(ca) à la maple syrup

October 4, 2010

So what does the maple syrup version of #hcsm look like? Fantastic! eh?!

The inaugural #hcsmca chat was definitely a success. In all 72 people took part from coast to coast. They were e-patients, healthcare providers, patient organizations, government representatives, communication specialists, LHINs, healthcare institutions, non-profit groups and so many more. What we shared in common, of course, was the desire to talk health care and social media in Canada. See the introductions starting on page 5 of the transcript.

Here’s my super brief résumé of the wildfire conversation that took place on September 29, 2010.

Topic 1 led off with a simple query: Share why you chose to join #hcsmca today? What do you hope to share/gain/learn/influence? Most answers focused on connecting, sharing best practices, engaging others and learning. But the tweet that resonated for most came from Julie Coffey:

@coffeyjulie: T1 – I am tired of getting teased about using Twitter! You folks add some credibility :) #hcsmca

To which Robert Fraser responded:

@rdjfraser: explaining it is difficult, since t value is different 4 everyone. @LynZee Nice to find ppl that get it #hcsmca

Things heated up with topic 2 when @mikenstn asked: Why should healthcare organizations care about social media? Again in brief, I offer this summary:

@VirtualHospice: SM contributes to health literacy, knowledge exchange and can support health care providers/patients. #hcsmca
@coffeyjulie: Healthcare needs to pay attention to SM – the platform may fade (i.e. Twitter), but the concept is here to stay. #hcsmca
@LynZee: ding ding ding! RT @SouthWestLHIN: #hcsmca The conversations are happening – I prefer to be part of them and harness their power.
@AlmaBereavement: sm removes barriers between those in need and those with the knowledge – opens dialogue to all who want to participate #hcsmca
@capital_health: T2 today SM a way to share info, be part of convos, new route for direct feedback. Tomorrow, aim to influence healthy behaviours #hcsmca

Kirsten Jordan practically popped off the computer screen with her shout out:

@colonversation: I’m loving this chat! Don’t feel so alone anymore. Thanks #hcsmca

We then moved on to the more difficult discussion about barriers and how to overcome them. For topic 3, @troublein416 asked: What barriers have u had in ur organization regarding social media & what solutions have u found?

@LynZee: most people don’t realize the time involved RT @colonversation: I think one of the biggest barriers is resourcing & time #hcsmca
@saramcmillen: Big Issue! @LynZee: T3: fear: ppl scared of losing control of the msg: solution:… ? #hcsmca
@mikenstn: @saramcmillen #hcsmca People have already lost control of the message … just don’t know it!
@saramcmillen: Re: fear / losing control of the msg, if you don’t participate in the convo forget controlling the msg, you aren’t even at the table #hcsmca
— @alissasadler: @saramcmillen @LynZee Unfort, it’s a common issue! Social media policies & efforts re: education & engage senior leadership may help. #hcsmca

My favourite tweet of the entire chat:

@SouthWestLHIN: I love SM because it forces me to speak in plain English. Can’t say things like “integrated health service plan”. Refreshing.

I realize that my selection of tweets summarizing our chat is highly subjective. Here’s Nat Bourre’s perspective (@NatBourre). Be sure to read the transcript of the chat to get your full picture.

What was your biggest take away from the first #hcsmca chat?

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